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Собаки могут лаять. Караван будет идти.
Всего будет 6 серий, Гейл с Шэрон появятся в 3ей серии - About You

понеслось, господа товарищи))
Well, after many months your patience is about to be rewarded all my Adoptables! Here is your VERY FIRST peek at what we've been cooking up. I hope you enjoy this Promo for Season One of ADOPTABLE!! источник

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Собаки могут лаять. Караван будет идти.
Только что от Скотта прилетело еще одно письмо.
Because of YOU ...

… I was able to finish filming my DREAM project! That’s right, this past Sunday, January 17th we wrapped filming on Season One of ADOPTABLE! In just 11 days (between November of last year and this past weekend) we were able to film all six episodes of Season One and not ONE of those days would have happened without your support! On behalf of the entire cast and crew of ADOPTABLE! I say Thank You a million times over!

Here, just for you (before I start inundating social media with any of them) are some WONDERFUL Behind-The-Scenes photos of our last two days of filming including some AWESOME shots of us filming some scenes from the show-within-the-show COPS & BOTTOMS where my character plays the first Gay Cop on TV alongside co-star Noah Wyle (playing a very unsavory version of himself). All of these photos were taken by the amazing Michael Harthen.

We’re off to begin editing the season and I will be back in touch as SOON as it is done. We are going to be looking for the BEST home possible for ADOPTABLE and I will let you know as well when and how you will be able to see this wonderful show you helped us cook up.

In the meantime … Enjoy this EXCLUSIVE look Behind-the-Scenes of ADOPTABLE!

(if you hover over each picture, a caption will come up to let you know what and who you’re seeing)

Thanks, Adoptables!!!


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be safe


Собаки могут лаять. Караван будет идти.
ну что же, Скотт не подвел! Первое фото Гейла в образе маменькиного сынка со съемок. Gale and his specimen #mommasboy @adoptableseries
На стене всеми любимые фото!
thanks for photo @realLindaPark.

в галерее сайта БАЛЬШОЙ размерчик

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be safe
На сайте Скотта Лоуэлла опубликованы имена каста и ролей в проекте Adoptable.
Также проект уже со списком каста на IMDb.

Меня лично позабавило совпадение имени героя Гейла - Лиланд Элизабет и Лиланд Палмер в Твин Пикс :).
Совпадения не случайны (с)

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