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14.08.2014 в 21:12
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Новости EBAY
На продажу выставлен ПОТРЯСАЮЩИЙ ЛОТ - фотографии со съемок 313 эпизода, оригинальные поляроидные снимки, единственные в своем роде, с Гейлом 2шт и 1шт с Хэлом. Начальная цена набора 175 долларов (примерно 6300)!

Осталось 19 часов до конца аукциона, ставок нет.

The items up for bid are three polaroid photos taken by the Queer as Folk wardrobe department for continuity purposes. On the front of each photo it has the character who is featured, the episode and scene. On the back of each photo, is handwritten detailed information about the wardrobe itself. These are NOT copies! They are the original photos used by the wardrobe department.
Included in this auction are two photos of Brian (Gale Harold) and one of Michael (Hal Sparks).

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