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One day ago David Bender, writer and director of the documentary film Playing Gay: How America Came Out on Television, uploaded a video interview with Gale Harold on his Vimeo channel.
A month ago we had already talked about this amazing documentary which covers the importance and the impact that television LGBT characters had on the real world.
In this recent long and very interesting interview Gale answers David Bender's questions about different topics: his growing up in a South Pentecostal family, his siblings, what kind of shows he was watching while growing up, his moving to San Francisco to attend a photography school, what kind of music he was listening to and which kind of clubs he was going to, the homosexual community and the impact AIDS had in the Bay Area's society, his decision to start acting mostly due to his moving to Los Angeles.

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INTV_Gale Harold from Out Of The Box on Vimeo.

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2016-09-30 в 20:03 

NataliM~, отлично )

2016-09-30 в 20:23 

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Значит, с переводом обстоит так. Он будет, но позже, Настя сильно загружена сейчас.

2016-10-03 в 23:09 

Пусть все будет хорошо, пожалуйста!
I was very lucky that my partner that I played primarily with on QAF was Randy Harrison. It was fortunate for me for several reasons. First of all, because he’s extremely talented and he and I, by the grace of god, share the same appetites for film, for literature, and for music and we got along partly because we had some of the same tastes, partly because we were both from Atlanta (we felt like comrades) and starting off on that note was a gift because we could have gone into that world and may have not bonded. We really did bond. We became friends, you know? We weren’t just working partners, we were friends. We could have a conversation about many things at any time. We would see each other outside of work to watch films or whatever and it was kind of necessary. It wasn’t necessary but it was very welcomed that we could connect. Otherwise, we probably would have killed each other. - :heart::heart::heart:

а "Экскалибур" (1981) придется посмотреть - уж так он облизался на Хелен Миррон :shame:

2016-10-04 в 07:27 

Градация красоты: «Красивый», «Очень красивый» и «Гейл» (с) IRATI
Видео удалили?

2016-10-04 в 07:31 

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frosi, да, момент про дружбу мне тоже очень понравился))
С Гейлом всегда так, мы смотрим и слушаем все, о чем он говорит, или хотя бы пытаемся.
Gsunshines, да. Недолго музыка играла.

2016-10-04 в 08:46 

Кто б сомневался! Моё еврейское счастье(((( Н-да...

2016-10-04 в 15:48 

Собаки могут лаять. Караван будет идти.
GABRIELL_&, можно подумать, никто не припрятал ;-)

2016-10-04 в 16:19 

Не красота вызывает любовь, а любовь заставляет нас видеть красоту.
GABRIELL_&, я себе на облако Маил скачала, если надо могу легко поделиться)))

2016-10-04 в 16:39 

Okss76, буду очень признательна!

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